Sheboygan Space Society


Feb.17: Stoelting House, Kiel

Apr.21: Meeting Cancelled

Jun.16: Stoelting House, Kiel

Aug.18: Stoelting House, Kiel

Oct.20: Stoelting House, Kiel

Dec.10: Annual Holiday Meeting with
Lunar Reclamation Society
The time for our meeting is 7:00PM to 9:00PM
The address for our meeting place is:
The Stoelting House
309 Indian Hill
Kiel WI 53042
The Stoelting House is Third St. south of Fremont
on Indian Hill it is the historical house between
The Community Center on it's east (left) and the
Kiel Public Library to the west (right).
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Wilbert G. Foerster
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