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Are you in the market for a new computer? We can help. TCEI is an authorized reseller of Lenovo desktops and laptops or purchase a made-to-order system.


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Is your computer sick or running slow? Our technicians are here to solve those problems and get your system back in top working condition.
Call (920-894-7456email, or stop in and talk to one of our help technicians.

TCEI proudly offers to the Kiel, St. Anna & Cedar Lake communities high speed wireless internet for only $24.95* a month. No telephone lines or cables are needed and you are "always on" the internet. For complete information on all the pricing packages available, click here. Price does not reflect equipment costs and installation charges.

Self Help Desk

Are you having problems sending emails out? If so, click here for instructions on how to make a setting change within Outlook Express or Outlook.

Do your emails get "stuck" or don't come in at all and you are using dial-up internet? Click here for instructions on cleaning out your inbox through Webmail.

*Tip of the Month:   Make sure your Antivirus program is up to date and functioning properly



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